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Hello, my name is Brian Blake.  I have been in Willis for 20+ years and have enjoyed every minute of it! Throughout the years I have been fortunate enough to coach grades K-12. I went to Olivet College in Michigan and moved to Willis, Texas as quickly as I could!   My wife teaches third grade at Cannan Elementary, my oldest son is a New York lawyer, and my youngest son is a CM with a drilling company. This year I will be coaching 7th grade football, 7-8th grade Golf and HS Wrestling. I am looking forward to an exciting 2017-2018 school year!  


                “Lucas Pride is justified!”


Recent Posts

End of Year

With just 14 school days left, I would like to say that this Year has been Outstanding! My PE classes have worked hard all year and I feel that they are ready to move on to the next grade level.Of course We will continue to work until the last bell has rung but I wanted to take a moment and say Thank You to the Students and Parents of Lynn Lucas for buying in and making Lynn Lucas a Great place to Teach and Coach. Now LETS FINISH STRONG!

Jan/Feb events

Welcome back! It has been an interesting January. The boys have been doing a great job in PE! We have not had a lot of outside days (Texas Weather) but our indoor activities have been outstanding. We are currently starting a Soccer unit and the first week of February we will be doing Jump rope for Heart! Looking forward to this 2nd semester!!!

Fall semester 2017

The first half of the year ends Friday. It will be an early release date for students. It has been a pleasure Coaching the students. I have been doing this for a long time and want Parents to know that this group of students are Outstanding. I enjoy my work and I am looking forward to the Spring semester!
Have a Great Break !!

6wks report

Class is moving right along. We have started a Basketball unit. This week has been all about drills and testing, next we will get into game play. I hope everyone had an outstanding Thanksgiving! Benchmark testing is coming up for general classrooms. 

2nd 9 wks.

Well, the Beginning of the year has been very productive! Boys PE has completed Fitness Gram testing, learned about Volleyball,Football and competed in a Punt,Pass and Kick contest. Gregg Moore was the Winner and will represent Lucas on Thursday 10-19-17 vs. Brabham.
We will be learning Tennis and Golf during the next few weeks.

Last week September 2017

We are completing Fitness testing. Classes will be starting a Volleyball Unit Next week. The 6th graders will be competing in a Punt, Pass and Kick competition, the winner will get to compete against the winner from Brabham at a JV football game. Progress reports will be ready Monday October 2nd. Have your Pride be Justified!

September Groove

PE classes have been Great!!  This week we started Testing for the Fitness Gram. Testing should last about 2 weeks. We will begin a Volleyball Unit 1st week of October. Be sure to check your students grades, progress report scores come out this week. 18th-22nd. 

New Year 2017-18

 In Times of Difficulty Those Brave enough to stay the course will be Victors in the End!!                          
                            Have a Great Year!
                               Coach Blake

Spring-The final 9 wks

Classes have been going Great! The Boys are ready for the final chapter of this school year. We will be re-testing for Fitness gram so that the boys can see how they have grown and improved throughout the year. This grading period we will also introduce golf, cup stacking and Tennis. 


Happy New Year!  We will begin this year in PE learning how to become strong and fast. The strength and conditioning Unit will last two weeks. Coming up in February will be hosting a Hoops for Heart Event and a Cup Stacking unit. Welcome Back! Be Good, Be Safe!


What a great beginning of the year!  Lets reflect on what has happened in PE for the first 12 weeks of 2016-17. Lucas Pride was high when Isreal and Joely placed 1st and 2nd in the District Punt pass and kick event. The students have participated in Fitness testing, Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball and Track\field. During the large group games Unit scooters were raced and people were chased in kick-basketball. Its been fun, but like I said its only the beginning, the foundation has been set and we are moving towards our goal! The Lynn Lucas Boys PE program will be the Best !  Have a Great week Off!

6th-7th weeks

We have started a Player of the week program! Each week a student from each class will be selected and recognized as the Best PE students for the week!
The 5th week winners were:Charles Coker, James Killian, Luis Calderon and James Catlett. The 6th week winners were Dylon Post, John Burke, Nicholas Knepper and Zahn Potts. Congratulations. We have been competing in a Punt Pass and Kick event, the 8th grade winner was Austin Roberts, 7th grade Devon Olsen and the 6th grade winner who will represent Lynn Lucas at one of the high school football games vs. Brabham winner will be Isreal Mentado. REMEMBER NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS OCT. 10TH! Have a Great week!

5th week

Fitness testing is over and the students did great! This week we will be playing Volleyball. I hope that your week is filled with Joy!

4th week

We will be finishing up Fitness gram Testing this week. It has been a great start of the school year in PE! The mile run is the final test we have to accomplish, and then we will be doing any makeups that are needed. Our upcoming Unit will be Volleyball.  

2nd week

Classes have been working hard at getting into shape and learning the procedures of class. We will begin Fitness Testing on Tuesday of next week.
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.