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Welcome to 6th Grade ELA!
My name is Mrs. Harper. This is my third year teaching at Lynn Lucas. I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.  I love reading.  I believe that with a good book, you can travel the world.  I am married and have 3 boys. Braden is 10, Logan is 7, and Ethan is 4.  They definitely keep me busy!
This is going to be an exciting year and I can't wait to get it started! I will post weekly updates along with any homework or projects due. Please feel free to email me anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.”-- George R.R. Martin
Please join my Remind 101 class for occasional announcements.
Text @2e699 to 81010  to receive text notifications
If you need to reach me after work hours, feel free to call me at 724-242-7737 
Greek and Latin Root words- We will be using these throughout the year.
 Extra Credit- 6th grade ELA is allowed one extra credit assignment per nine weeks. It will be a Cosplay Book Report. Instructions and rubric are below. It will take the place of the lowest major grade. 
Tutoring- I am available:
Monday-Thursday before school from 6:15-First Period (please schedule for one of these times) 
Wednesday- 2:50-3:40 (no scheduling required for this time)
******Re-Test Mandate******Re-tests are ONLY available under the following criteria:
Original grade is below a 70
Student MUST come to one 30 minute tutoring session BEFORE the re-test
Students have ONLY one week from the original test to schedule a tutoring session and re-test
Re-test will not be taken during class time-must be scheduled before or after school
The highest grade a student can make on a re-test is a 70
We will be utilizing tablets in 6th grade this year. Each student will be assigned a tablet that will stay in each core subject class. This is a big responsibility and I want students aware of my expectations in ELA. Technology is an amazing tool and I love using it in class!
Each Monday is designated as College awareness at Lynn Lucas. Students are encouraged to wear their favorite college shirt each Monday in support.
Eat 'em up Kats!! 


Recent Posts

Week of 4-2-18

Monday- Read, Write, and Reflect
Tuesday- Organizational Pattern Review
Wednesday- Interpreting factual, quantitative, and technical information
Thursday- Merging Interpreting factual, quantitative, and technical information and writing
Friday- Extension of Thursday

Week of 3/19/18

Monday- Writing
Tuesday- Authors purpose
Wednesday- Debate the main ideas
Thursday- Compare/Contrast two different stories
Friday- Compare/Contrast two different stories

Week of 3/5/2018

Monday- Unit 4 Test
Tuesday- Writing imaginative Stories
Wednesday- Figurative language, literary nonfiction re-teach
Thursday- Editing Stories
Friday- Thinking beyond the text

Week of 2/26

Monday- Read, Think, React
Tuesday- Comparing and Contrasting a Play to a Film
Wednesday- Comparing and Contrasting a Play to a Film
Thursday- Writing Imaginative Stories
Friday- Writing Imaginative Stories

Week of 2/19

Monday- Student Holiday
Tuesday- Essay
Wednesday- Faulty Reasoning in Persuasive Text
Thursday- Faulty Reasoning in Persuasive Text
Friday- Writing Persuasive Text

Week of 2/12/18

Monday- Distinguish your thinking
Tuesday- Compare and Contrast 2 different authors
Wednesday- Compare and Contrast 2 different authors
                     PAP- Commercial DUE
Thursday- Compare 2 author's viewpoints
Friday- Compare 2 author's viewpoints

Week of 2/9

Monday- Distinguish between interesting details and important information
Tuesday- Text Structure Essay
Wednesday- Text Structure Essay
Thursday- Essay presentations
Friday- Essay Presentations

Week of 1/29

Monday- Targeting Key information
Tuesday- Messages in Media (Essay and advertisement presentation)
Wednesday- Messages in Media (Essay and advertisement presentation)
Thursday- Presentations
Friday- Presentations and Review of material

Week of 1/22/18

Monday- Records important ideas
Tuesday- Stations
Wednesday- Stations continued
Thursday- Maps, Charts, Graphs
Friday- Escape Room analyzing visuals

Week of 1/15/18

Monday- Holiday
Tuesday- Snow Day
Wednesday- Snow Day
Thursday- Organizational Text Structure assignment
Friday- Spotlight new thinking  

Week of 1-8-17

Monday- Holiday
Tuesday- Wrap your mind around big ideas
Wednesday- Organizational Text Patterns
Thursday- Organizational Text Patterns
Friday- Response to Literature/PAP- Test (Wrinkle in Time chapters 1-4)

Week of 12/11/17

Monday- Math benchmark
Tuesday- Reading Benchmark
Wednesday- Nonfiction text features
Thursday- Reading Strategies
Friday- Response to Literature