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Amber Ruiz » 8th Grade ELA

8th Grade ELA

Welcome to 8th grade ELA in Room 113 at Lynn Lucas.

My name is Mrs. Ruiz; I am in my 18th year of teaching. Middle school is my favorite age group to teach! For many years, I have enjoyed helping students reach their full potential in the areas of reading and writing. There is nothing more exciting to me than working with young people. I truly believe I teach the future. 
My credentials include a Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M where I majored in English and minored in Spanish. I hold a Texas Professional Teaching License for grades 4-8 in Reading and an ESL Endorsement for all grade levels. 

My Class Schedule

Period 1 - Conference
Period 2 - 8th ELA Pre AP
Period 3 - 8th ELA 
Period 4- 8th ELA Pre AP
Period 5 - 8th ELA
Period 6 - 8th ELA
Period 7 8th ELA

Please feel free to contact me through email or by calling the school. Also, you are always welcome to visit us at the school.

My email -
Lynn Lucas - 936-856-1274

Recent Posts

What's Happening the week of 11/13

Benchmark Testing Dec 6th
Monday- Ban the Bottle, students analyze media point of view
Tuesday- Students create advertisements for/against bottled water
Wednesday- Students present/advocate their position on bottled water
Thursday- Students analyze media point of view through close read of a picture
Friday- Students practice letter writing

What's Happening In 11/6-11/10

What an amazing week we had. Students were highly engaged in reading and learning about persuasive text. They worked diligently on their persuasive essays. We did not get as far in the writing process as predicted, so, only the rough draft of the persuasive essay in due Monday 11/6/17. 
What's coming up?
Monday- Read PRO/CON article discuss persuasive techniques
Tuesday- Take notes (rhetorical questions, logical fallacies, caricatures, etc.)
Wednesday- Read PRO/CON article discuss persuasive techniques
Thursday- Persuasive Text Performance Assessment
Friday- Take a Stand on an Issue and Write a Paper (We write a lot !)
Mark your calendars- Reading Benchmark test is December 6th

What's Happening 10/30-11/3

Students will begin writing a Persuasive Essay on Monday. The final, polished copy will be due Friday at the end of class. This will be for a major grade.
Topics to choose from:
Should school be year round?
Should all student athletes be drug tested on a regular basis?
Should schools get rid of standardized testing?
Should cell phones be banned from school?
Monday- discuss topics with a shoulder partner and brainstorm ideas
Tuesday- choose topic and use a graphic organizer to put ideas together
Wednesday- write rough draft of persuasive essay
Thursday- edit draft for use of complex sentences, consistent verb tense,  punctuation, and capitalization 
Friday- peer edit and publish in a google doc

What's Happening 10/16-10/20

More With Poetry
Monday- Question The Text, review theme
Tuesday- Analyze "Werewolf Friends" by Gary Soto
Wednesday- Analyze "Oranges" by Gary Soto
Thursday- Common Assessment 8.6a, 8.6b, Analyze "Still I Rise"
Friday- 11 Minute Essay and Black Out Found Poetry

This Week: 10/9-10/13

Monday- Student Holiday
Tuesday- Escape from Plot Mountain, play with us on my website!
Wednesday- Common Assessment (Fiction and Drama) this is a big one, study everything in your binder!
Thursday- Book Spine Poetry (this is going to be SO cool!)
Friday- Elements of Poetry

Next Week 9/25-9/29

Monday- Non-Fiction Text Features
Tuesday- Drama
Wednesday- Poetry and Drama Comparison
Thursday- Sensory Language in Fiction Text
Friday- The Writing Process

Next Week 9/18-9/22

Monday- Reading about Solar Eclipse Myth "Read, Write,Talk"
Tuesday- Beginning of The Year Writing Sample Essay
Wednesday- Pandora's Box (Myth)
Thursday- Loo Wit (Myth) 
Friday- Compare the two myths and Personal Narrative Writing

This Week in ELA 9/12-9/16

We are reading Pandora's Box and Loo Wit The Fire Keeper. These are excellent myths to use in the continuation of our analysis of fiction. 
Students will compare and contrast the themes in both selections, discuss the conflicts in each selection, and analyze reasons for characters' actions in the selections.
On Friday students will be given an assessment of fiction.

Working on Character Traits today. Students, this anchor chart should be copied into your interactive notebooks. 


Mondays are College Awareness Days. If you wear a college shirt you will be allowed to go first in the lunch line! Yay!