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My name is Amanda Gutierrez and I teach THEATRE ARTS.  I studied Theatre Arts at SHSU and I am a lifelong lover of the theatre.  The theatre is a dying art and it is my job to keep it alive!   
I expect our students to learn how to work as an ENSEMBLE (fancy word for team).  Students will learn their strengths and the value of working as a unified force. 
Students will learn the tricks of the trade onstage but also how to showcase THEIR best attributes.  The theatre promotes self discovery and pushes young performers to achieve things they did not realize they could.  I want students to leave my class glowing with confidence because they have proven to themselves how great they are.        
Globally, the theatre is known as a place of acceptance.  The theatre, MY CLASSROOM is a place for students to grow into their own and to be accepted no matter what their background or beliefs are.  Students are expected to embrace diversity in theatre arts (and anywhere near or around Ms. G!).  My students are the center of my universe and it is important to me that they are KIND to one another and treated with DIGNITY.   

I am also a Lady Lynx Coach.  GO LADY LYNX!  I am honored to coach the best young ladies in WISD! 
Parents of Theatre Students AND/OR Athletes please feel free to email me ANYTIME. I would love to be partners with you in our student's education.  You can reach me via email at or call our lovely receptionist Mrs. LucyBee at 936-856-1274 and I will call you during 2nd period or after class is dismissed. 


Recent Posts

Practice happens at home.... Rehearsal happens at school.

Please make sure that your young performer is reading over their script everyday at home and going over lines several times a night as needed.
An amateur practices something until he gets it right.

A professional practices until he can’t get it wrong.

Adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream

The class show of "A Midsummer Night's Sleepover" will have its final performance Monday 3/26/18 during your young performer's theatre arts class period.  Students may not be pulled out of class to see their siblings perform and I cannot excuse absences for the rest of the day should your young performer convince you to check them out ;)
3rd period:  9:30-10:20
4th period:  10:30-11:20
5th period:  12:00-12:50


Our young performers are currently working on adaptations of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet.

Moving right along!

We have studied and translated Shakespeare to modern day English.  Performed his original text.  Now to have a little fun......  We are reading short Shakespeare adaptations.  2 Gentlemen of Verona, Romeo and Juliet (on Valentine's day hehehe), Macbeth, and (my personal favorite) A Midsummer Night's Dream.  YAY!  As a class we will decide which plays will be performed and begin production!  This will be small-short and sweet.  Plan on being done the week before SB!



Christmas Shows

Christmas shows are coming upon us quickly. Please make sure that your young performer has all of the props and costumes they need.  More importantly-please run lines with them nightly!
See you during their class periods on the 15th for performances!

Holiday Scripts for Class

Here are the scripts we are doing for our in class performances.  Please make sure your young performer is reading their script every day.  Please help them memorize lines daily.  This Thursday we will begin running the full shows in rehearsal.  

Holiday Performances

All Holiday Shows have been cast!  Congrats to your students!! 
Please make sure they are studying their scripts every day and running lines at least 3 times a day at home.  
Performance Schedules
If your student is in my class 3rd period they will perform 9:30-10:20 on Friday December 15.
If your student is in my class 4th period and is in the show A Christmas Diva they will perform 10:30-11:20 on Friday December 8.
If your student is in my class 4th period and is in A Chaotic Christmas or Milton the Reindeer they will perform 10:30-11:20 on Friday December 15.
If your student is in my class 5th period they will perform 12-12:55 Friday December 15.
If you have any questions, please call or email me!


We will hold UIL OAP Auditions THE WEEK AFTER the Thanksgiving Break.  If your young actor would like to read the novel and be a step ahead, here is a link to a free audio version of it.  
It is Orwell's 1984.

Theatre 1

Holiday Plays are cast!  Please make plans to see our performances Friday December 15 during your child's theatre arts period.  
Parents, please make sure our young performers are memorizing lines at home.  Please remind them to bring what props and costumes they can to school as soon as possible so they can rehearse with them.  
This is where the work ethic comes in!!  I look forward to these performances all year!  I am absolutely excited to see what this year's performers bring to the stage!
If you have any questions please email or call me at the school and I would love to talk. 
Have a great week!!!

Week of October 16-20

We are buckling down for our first major scene! 
We are creating a pantomime scene with a beginning, middle, end, problem and solution. 
We are building an imaginary set and crafting imaginary props. 
We are picking a recipe and following it with a partner! 
We have designed our dream kitchens and we are about to make magic happen inside them!
It is as fun as it sounds!!!
After this we will read and choose Holiday Plays.


We have been in the sacred acting space building our ensembles, so this week we will name them!
So far- 5th period has come up with "The Drizzle Drizzle Squad!"  Based off of an inside joke during one of our first improvisation games!!  They make me so proud.  
3rd and 4th is still voting but we will decide by the end of the week.
We are getting back on track and will begin our Pantomime Soup Project by the end of this week! 
Have a great one!

Late Week at a Glance!

Hey there!!!  We are finally getting back on track from missing a week during the national emergency. 
I hope all of my kiddos and their amazing parents have recovered as well. 
On Monday/Tuesday we finished up our game from Friday- which was so cute!!!  They were scenes called SIT-STAND-KNEEL.  They had to create a scene where they and their partners were dialoguing AND alternating sitting, standing, and kneeling!
Wed/Thursday we will be doing lots of Pantomime.  Reading about it, watching a classic I love Lucy video and putting it into motion. 
If you have any questions, give me a call at the school and I would love to speak with you!

Week At A Glance

Week of 9/18/17
If you came to open house, thank you, I love you!!!  I am working down my list from 3rd period to 7th period- you will hear from me ASAP. 
This week we will "Trust the Process" and learn how we travel to our sacred acting space, the auditorium.  We will learn Ms. G.'s "Do it right the first time and fly happy" rule.  We will learn how to enter and exit the theatre respectfully.  We will learn how to store our belongings safely and neatly.  We will learn more on audience etiquette and how else we can showcase our best attributes.  We will begin our Pantomime Unit with character walks.  If you have any questions- email me and I will give you a call. 
Please remind your young performers that we do not touch the curtains in the theatre and we do not jump off the stage into the orchestra pit.