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Ms. Tressa Green » Welcome to the world of Art!

Welcome to the world of Art!

Welcome to my home page! My name is Tressa Green and I graduated from Sam Houston State University. This is my sixth year of teaching art, but I have spent all my life creating! I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and help the world become a greater place for our children. I have two beautiful children and I am constantly on the go with not a minute to spare! My children are 12, and 3 years old....Yes they keep me on my toes! I know that each child can succeed if they put their mind and heart into a project. I am very excited to see what each of my students bring to the table. I want each one of my students to know I will be their biggest fan, and I am here to support them in any way possible!

A few details about my classes that I teach:
Art 7 is seventh graders only and they are basically learning the fundamentals of art. The elements and principles of design are an important key to learning art. If you do not know the vocabulary and how to apply it then you can not truly be the best with your creation! We will work with some clay and paint to give sculpture a try. I hope to have some creative minds and open to try new art!

Art 8 is my eighth graders only and this is a high school credit class. You have to have a prerequisite to get into this class. Art eight touches on the elements and principles lightly, but the students should know the vocabulary already. Students will learn the art history through making their own book and projects through out. This class has more privileges and I expect the up-most out of these students. Two field trips will be announced and posted.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! Thank you so much and I hope to inspire your child to become an independent, intelligent, and creative person!

Recent Posts

8th grade Trip is changed

We will be going to the Art Car museum May 18th! 8:30 to 4:30.

Rodeo Art Time!

Please help me by getting your kiddos pumped up about Rodeo Art. This is a huge opportunity for scholarships and prizes! Talk with them and find out their plan of the art piece they wish to work on and submit! Thank you.

Renaissance Festival Winners

Very proud to announce the winners of Renaissance.
Brenda Santana - 1st place drawing
Grace Dorris and Destinee Rogers - 2nd place painting
Ellissa Barrow - 3rd place watercolor
Hannah Wilson - 3rd place painting
Payton Watson - Honorable Mention
Please congratulate these students they won in a category well over 400 entries!

Rodeo Art

Rodeo Art is coming up very quickly! We will start working on this in two weeks. Please have a picture or an idea in mind that is not a copyright. It must be original and be your artwork. The artwork can not go home, must be worked on at school.

Renassaince Permission Slip Due

This is due on October 16th with payment of $25.00. 
Trip will be on November 3rd from 8-5. Please have ride here by 5 p.m.

Art Course Outlines Due

Please have course outline signed and turned in by September 25th!