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Welcome to 8th grade U.S. History!!
I am here to work with you to build an understanding of American History.  This year we will cover the first part of U.S. History, from 1500 to 1877.  Important topics include Colonialism, the American Revolution, American Government, Manifest Destiny, the Industrial Revolution, and the Civil War. 
We have lots of information to cover in a small amount of time.  This will be a very rigorous and fast paced year - you will have to work hard, study hard, and complete your homework to be successful in class.  
Please look at the Syllabus Tab for more information.
Future Information
Social Studies Benchmark on 4/19 
**Study with old quizlets**


Tutorials will be held in the mornings from 6:55-7:25 with a pass

During lunch on Tuesdays with a pass

Other times by request


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James Mayflower Died Carrying Louis Marbury From Appomattox!
Use this phrase to help remember the significant dates.






 1st permanent English colony


 Mayflower Compact

 1st self-government & majority rule


 Declaration of Independence (Jefferson)

 listed grievances


 Constitution (Madison)

 current government

Supreme Law of the Land




 Louisiana Purchase


Marbury vs. Madison

doubled the size of the US


set the precedent of judicial review


Fort Sumter

start of the Civil War


Appomattox Court House

end of the Civil War

1st Period - American History                 
2nd Period -Pre-AP American History    
3rd Period - American History   
4th Period - Conference    
5th Period - American History                    
6th Period - Pre-AP American History     
7th Period - American History