Lynn Lucas Middle School

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School Policies » In-School Suspension

In-School Suspension

I.S.S. may be assigned by administrators for the more serious or persistent violations of school rules and classroom disruptions. Students so assigned must report directly to I.S.S. prior to the 1st period tardy bell on the day the assignment begins. Work will be provided by the I.S.S. supervisor and must be completed before dismissal. The assignment is on the Middle School campus and runs concurrently with the school day. Students may bring a sack lunch from home or purchase a sack lunch from the cafeteria. Soft drinks, fast food items, and candy are prohibited. While in I.S.S. students are subject to the standard code of conduct for extracurricular activities. Students must complete all assigned work before being released. Students in I.S.S. may not participate in extracurricular activities on those days.