Lynn Lucas Middle School

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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment allows school districts to enroll students residing outside district boundary lines. This program is beneficial to Willis ISD for a few reasons. First, state funding is based on enrollment. For each additional student enrolled in Willis ISD, the district retains more of its local tax revenue. As of the 2017-2018 school year, Willis ISD is subject to Chapter 41 of the Texas Education Code, also known as the Robin Hood Plan, which allows the state to recapture a district’s tax dollars as the local tax base increases. Increasing our enrollment outside our district boundaries will result in Willis ISD keeping more of our local tax dollars for use in our district.


Limited Open Enrollment will be available at the following schools:


C.C. Hardy Elementary (K-5)

Lynn Lucas Middle School (6-8)

Brabham Middle School (6-8)

Willis High School (9-12)


Following is a list of requirements that must be met for a student to be approved as an out-of-district enrollee. All requirements must be met.


1.  Students must be passing all classes with a grade of at least 80. 

2. Students must have and maintain an attendance rate of at least 90 percent for all classes.

3.  Students must have passed all state-mandated assessment tests,

4.  Students must have had no discipline referrals, not been assigned to a  DAEP, and not been expelled, or convicted of a crime.


Applications are available at the front desk of the Willis ISD Central Administration building, located at 204 W. Rogers, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8 am-4:30 pm. Applications are not be available online and cannot be emailed.


*Applications will ONLY be available for pick up and MUST be returned in original hard copy form. This is because applications are tracked and marked for priority in the order they are received.

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