Lynn Lucas Middle School

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Rules for Student Attendance at Home Events

  • Students in grades Kinder through 8th grade will not be allowed to attend home evening varsity games without an adult. An adult may be a parent, coach, grandparent or even a high school sibling. Children who arrive at the gate to a game without an adult will be held there until an adult can arrive to either attend with them or take them back home. Ticket gate attendees will be strictly enforcing this rule.  
  • High school students with proper identification may escort younger siblings, but not their sibling's friends.              
  • All students in game attendance will be required to stay in the stands. If students are found under the bleachers or loitering around, they will be asked to return to their seats. Students that do not cooperate may be asked to leave.             
This policy will be in effect for all evening varsity football games and evening games for boys' and girls' soccer and basketball.

Along with the privilege of participating in an athletic contest, either as a spectator or player, comes the responsibility to exhibit exemplary conduct, spirit and sportsmanship. We hope you will join us at home events, as we support what is sure to be an amazing year of sports. Thank you for your assistance with this very important safety measure.

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