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Lynx Cross Country Teams Place at Recent Meet

The LLMS Cross Country Team recently attended a meet at Oak Ridge High School for a Jr. High meet. There were 19 runners representing the Lynx. The meet consisted of runners from 8 different schools including McCullough, Irons, Peet, Knox, Washington, Moorhead, Brabham and Lynn Lucas.

The 8th grade boys’ team consisted of 5 runners and placed 2nd overall as a Team. With a total of 66 runners racing at the meet, Lynn Lucas had two students who received medals for placing in the top 15. The standing were as follows: Jaime Vega – 1st place with 11.11 minute run, Baldo Del Aguilua – 9th place, Joseph Miller – 16th place, Lira Efrain – 18th place and Daniel Gomez – 20th place.

There were 4 Lady Lynx runners on the 8th grade team, with a total of 55 racers altogether. The ladies ended their race with the following standings: Katia Covarrubias – 25th place, Carli Cornelius – 26th place, De Los Reyes – 46th place and Joanna Ramirez – 47th place.

The 7th grade boys’ team had a total of 3 runners at the meet. Two of the gentlemen received medals, Carlos Barcenas and Kebin Guerrero, who finished 7th and 13th respectively. Lorenzo Benitez also began the race but had to withdraw due to health issues.

The 7th grade Lady Lynx girls placed 6th overall as a team. There were a total of 55 runners in the field, consisting of 7 runners from Lynn Lucas. Once the race had finished, here were the standings: Marithza Vega – 19th place, Abbey Lopez – 25th place, Livia Fields – 28th place, Susie Ramirez – 33rd place, Cori Teer – 37th place, Samantha Sheppard – 46th place, and Jasmine Gonzelez – 52nd place.

We are very proud of our Lynx Cross Country Team, both runners and Coaches! We wish them the best at their next meet and look forward to continued success.
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