Lynn Lucas Middle School

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8th Grade Science Studies Chemical Reactions

During the lights out lab, students were able to create carbon dioxide (CO2) by mixing the common household materials baking soda and vinegar. Students were able to prove the existence of the CO2 when a candle was blown out without the students physically touching or blowing on the candle. The elephant toothpaste lab was oozing with fun! Students were able to see the effects of a catalyst and how it helps a reaction take place. When combining the yeast catalyst with 6% hydrogen peroxide and soap the foam began flowing and flowing! Thursday the students explored the explosive facts of chemical combinations. By mixing 6% hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and chlorine, they were able to see gasses being produced, hear fizzing noises being made and feel heat being emitted followed by a big BOOM! Mrs. Hartner and Mrs. McQueen turned it up a notch by placing the same materials in a soda bottle for an even bigger BOOM!

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