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Dale Bohannon » 7th Grade Texas History

7th Grade Texas History

Welcome Y'All to Texas History!  I will help you navigate your way through the fascinating story of how Texas became the Lone Star State.  Be ready to work and have some fun in this class.
Course Description:  The history of the Lone Star State covers the history of prehistoric people to the present.  The contributions of various cultures and the interaction of these cultures are presented throughout this course.  This course will incorporate lectures, map reading skills, note-taking, DVDs, reading skills, and hands on projects.  Multicultural heritage, geographical influences, technological advancement, civil rights, democracy, free enterprise, economic development and conflict are some of the topics included in this course.
Expectations and Discipline:  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!  Come to class each day prepared to learn and with a positive attitude.  The student is expected to follow the school rules in this class.  If the student breaks a rule, the daily classroom consequence will follow.
Supplies/Materials:  The students will need a composition book, map pencils, pens (blue or black), pencils, glue sticks and a spiral notebook.
1st Period   Texas History
2nd Period  Texas History
3rd Period   Texas History
4th Period   Conference
5th Period   8th Grade Athletics
6th Period   Texas History
7th Period   7th Grade Athletics