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Amber Ruiz » 8th Grade ELA

8th Grade ELA

Welcome to 8th grade ELA in Room 113 at Lynn Lucas.

My name is Mrs. Ruiz; I am in my 18th year of teaching. Middle school is my favorite age group to teach! For many years, I have enjoyed helping students reach their full potential in the areas of reading and writing. There is nothing more exciting to me than working with young people. I truly believe I teach the future. 
My credentials include a Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M where I majored in English and minored in Spanish. I hold a Texas Professional Teaching License for grades 4-8 in Reading and an ESL Endorsement for all grade levels. 

My Class Schedule

Period 1 - Conference
Period 2 - 8th ELA Pre AP
Period 3 - 8th ELA 
Period 4- 8th ELA Pre AP
Period 5 - 8th ELA
Period 6 - 8th ELA
Period 7 8th ELA

Please feel free to contact me through email or by calling the school. Also, you are always welcome to visit us at the school.

My email -
Lynn Lucas - 936-856-1274

Recent Posts

Next Week 9/18-9/22

Monday- Reading about Solar Eclipse Myth "Read, Write,Talk"
Tuesday- Beginning of The Year Writing Sample Essay
Wednesday- Pandora's Box (Myth)
Thursday- Loo Wit (Myth) 
Friday- Compare the two myths and Personal Narrative Writing

This Week in ELA 9/12-9/16

We are reading Pandora's Box and Loo Wit The Fire Keeper. These are excellent myths to use in the continuation of our analysis of fiction. 
Students will compare and contrast the themes in both selections, discuss the conflicts in each selection, and analyze reasons for characters' actions in the selections.
On Friday students will be given an assessment of fiction.

Working on Character Traits today. Students, this anchor chart should be copied into your interactive notebooks. 


Mondays are College Awareness Days. If you wear a college shirt you will be allowed to go first in the lunch line! Yay!

This week in ELA 4/25-4/29

Dearest parents, 
By now you should have received a letter from your child with his/her state STAAR results for reading. Students who did NOT pass the test will have the opportunity to retest on May 10th. What this means for the next two weeks is that ALL 8th graders have been split into 2 categories: passers and retesters. 
Those students who have passed the ELA STAAR test will attend ELA class with Mrs. Phillips for the next ten days to work on vocabulary skills for their upcoming Science and Social Studies STAAR tests.
Students who did not pass will continue to attend class with me and also attend another ELA class with Mrs. Reed. I will be teaching students strategies for summarizing non-fiction text and strategies for answering STAAR questions for non-fiction text. Mrs. Reed will be focusing on fiction.
We have put together a GREAT plan for your children. I am VERY excited to see what they can accomplish within the next two weeks of instruction!

This week in ELA 4-18 to 4-22

Finishing up our study on the Holocaust, students will watch The Dairy of Anne Frank on film, participate in a gallery walk of pictures taken at concentration camps, and write an essay in class on the importance of remembering the Holocaust. 

4-11 to 4-15

Students will be completing vocabulary quizlets in class to support their science learning.
Students will also be writing an essay on the theme of The Diary of Anne Frank.