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My name is Amanda Gutierrez and I teach THEATRE ARTS.  I studied Theatre Arts at SHSU and I am a lifelong lover of the theatre.  The theatre is a dying art and it is my job to keep it alive!   
I expect our students to learn how to work as an ENSEMBLE (fancy word for team).  Students will learn their strengths and the value of working as a unified force. 
Students will learn the tricks of the trade onstage but also how to showcase THEIR best attributes.  The theatre promotes self discovery and pushes young performers to achieve things they did not realize they could.  I want students to leave my class glowing with confidence because they have proven to themselves how great they are.        
Globally, the theatre is known as a place of acceptance.  The theatre, MY CLASSROOM is a place for students to grow into their own and to be accepted no matter what their background or beliefs are.  Students are expected to embrace diversity in theatre arts (and anywhere near or around Ms. G!).  My students are the center of my universe and it is important to me that they are KIND to one another and treated with DIGNITY.   

I am also a Lady Lynx Coach.  GO LADY LYNX!  I am honored to coach the best young ladies in WISD! 
Parents of Theatre Students AND/OR Athletes please feel free to email me ANYTIME. I would love to be partners with you in our student's education.  You can reach me via email at or call our lovely receptionist Mrs. LucyBee at 936-856-1274 and I will call you during 2nd period or after class is dismissed. 


Recent Posts

Week At A Glance

Week of 9/18/17
If you came to open house, thank you, I love you!!!  I am working down my list from 3rd period to 7th period- you will hear from me ASAP. 
This week we will "Trust the Process" and learn how we travel to our sacred acting space, the auditorium.  We will learn Ms. G.'s "Do it right the first time and fly happy" rule.  We will learn how to enter and exit the theatre respectfully.  We will learn how to store our belongings safely and neatly.  We will learn more on audience etiquette and how else we can showcase our best attributes.  We will begin our Pantomime Unit with character walks.  If you have any questions- email me and I will give you a call. 
Please remind your young performers that we do not touch the curtains in the theatre and we do not jump off the stage into the orchestra pit.

Winding Down

Let the count down begin!
Thank you to all the parents who came to support our young performers during our duet scenes!  We had such a great time opening and closing and they did such a good job running a show all by themselves!
Your support has been invaluable to the kiddos and does not go unnoticed!  I cannot say it enough THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Please give us a little more to make it through the year :) :) :)

Duet Performances

Duet Scene Performances are MAY 2,3, and 4 during your student's theatre arts class period.
Please come support our young performers.
3rd- 9:16-10:10
4th- 10:14-11:08
5th- 11:41-12:39
6th- 12:43-1:37
7th- 1:41- 1:35
May 2nd Performances
May 3rd Performances
May 4th Performances
Please check into the front office to get a badge and join us promptly in the auditorium.
Bring flowers!
Can't wait to see you!!!!

Duet Scenes

Hello Parents and Guardians of Young Performers!
We are working on Duet Scenes right now.  That means a 2 person scene.  Young Performers will have costumes, music, set pieces, character building, camaraderie, and an awesome learning experience from these scenes!
PLEASE ASK THEM TO RUN LINES.  They all have a script (believe me I have replaced them several times for some of the young performers).  When they are memorized or "off book" we then get to start rehearsal in the auditorium.  Help us work hard and have fun!  Being successful in theatre will make our Young Performers confident!  Any help you can give them on their scripts is valuable help.

Speaking Events

Hello!  In theatre class, we are working on Prose and Poetry Selection.  Everyone got to choose their very own piece from library books with the help of Mr. Z and Mrs. Harrell, our librarians. 
Please practice with your young performer at home! 
Please contact me at any time if you have questions!

Holiday Skits!

We are working on Holiday Skits in Theatre Arts Class! 
We perform this Thursday 12/15/2016 during your child's theatre class period.
3rd- 9:35
4th- 10:25
Please join us!  Sign in at the front office and come to room 404. 

Wonderful Young Performers

Parents and Guardians,
After a long week of testing, Theatre 1 students got a monologue workshop or a Game Day of LEND ME A HAND.  Each student did wonderful no matter what their objective. I am an incredibly lucky teacher to have your kids.  Monologue finals are ahead of us and then we have 10 days to produce holiday plays!  
Can't wait to see each and every star shine!!!

Monologue Update

Hey there!   Monologues are going fantastic!  WE are ALMOST memorized and we are starting our character build on Wednesday!  Exciting! 
If your young performer brings their monologue home to work on it- please remind them to pack it back up to bring to school the next day!
We will keep you posted!

Welcome 2nd Marking Period

Hey there Parents and Guardians,
This year is flying by!  We have Ensemble (fancy word for team), Pantomime (story telling without words), Improv (unscripted brilliance), Physical and Vocal Warm Ups (to strengthen our voices and ready our bodies for playmaking), and we are trucking our way through Monologues (one person talking onstage).  We are learning to get Off book (memorized) and what our character's tactics are (what the character is doing to get what they want). 
I'd say we are so far so good!  Everyone is moving along great on my end.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions!

Pantomime Scene Update

We are definitely going to have to use each day this week to workshop.  The earliest I see us doing a dress rehearsal in Wednesday. 

Game Day Fun!

Parents!  We just had the most successful and fun-filled game day!  We played the game "What Are You Doing?"  Ask your young performer to play a round of this with you!  You are sure to get a Giggle out of it!

Rehearsal Schedule for Pantomime Final

Monday 19- Rehearsal
Tuesday 20-Rehearsal
Wednesday 21- Rehearsal
Wednesday 22- Rehearsal
Thursday 23- Rehearsal
Friday 24- Game Day- If ensemble decides on a whole rehearsal is needed we will hold rehearsal.
Monday 26- First dress rehearsal.  Run each scene one after the other.  Work out technical kinks, remind students of order, how to leave and mount acting space.
Tuesday 27- TENTATIVE FINAL Dress same as Monday.  Do it again or make first attempt to get through it.
Wednesday- Final dress if students need the time to adjust.  This is their first performance and I want them to FEEL prepared and ready- Not rushed and underdeveloped. 
Thursday- Performance Day.  Students have had ample time to make adjustments, it's time for them to shine!
If you have made plans to see this performance, please understand that you may be watching a "dress rehearsal" and that the students are young performers.  Please stay positive and bear with us on those days.

Pantomime Final

Today is a big day!  It is the beginning of the end of our Pantomime unit.  Students will be broken into groups of 5 and will get to use the skills they have acquired to create a story choreographed to an instrumental version of the song of their choice!  Rehearsals will take place the next 2 weeks of school and performances are scheduled to be Monday-Thursday September 26-29.  Please make sure our young performers are eating healthy and washing their hands- we do not want them to miss out on this great project.  Their ensemble members depend on their well being and attendance. 
You are welcome to come and watch these scenes, you will have to check into the front office they day of performances.  Please contact me if you are planning to come and on what day so that we can make arrangements for you to see your performer, if possible.