Lynn Lucas Middle School

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Welcome to 6th grade math.

Mrs. Todd is a graduate of Sam Houston University. She has taught for 12 years in Willis.
Tutoring every Tuesday from 2:45 to 3:45.  Students must have a ride at 3:45 to attend.

Recent Posts

March 27- 31

Monday:  Stem and Leaf
Tuesday:  Histograms
Wednesday:  Box Plots
Thursday:  Box Plots
Friday:  Data and Problem solving

Feb. 27 to March 3rd

Monday:  Triangle Relationships
Tuesday:  Area of Rectangles
Wednesday:  Modeling Area of Parallelograms
Thursday:  Modeling Area of Triangles
Friday:  TEST(area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, angle relationships)

February 6th to 10th

Monday:  Additive and Multiplicative Relationships
Tuesday:  Independent and Dependent Quantities
Wednesday: Tables, Equations and Graphs
Thursday: Tables, Equations and Graphs
Friday: Tables, Equations and Graphs

January 30th to February 3rd

Monday: District Common Assessment 
Tuesday: Graphing (all 4 quadrants)
Wednesday:  Graphing (all 4 quadrants)
Thursday:  Additive and Multiplicative Relationships 
Friday: Tables and Equations

January 23 to 27

The grades titled MAFLU2 and MACOM2 are excluded in the gradebook so it is not part of grade average.  They are Middle of the Year Math Screeners.
Monday:  Multiplication and Division Inequalities with Rational Numbers
Tuesday:  Multiplication and Division Inequalities with Rational Numbers
Wednesday: Review for Unit 7 Test
                       Set 7 DMR Test
Thursday:  Review Stations 
Friday: Unit 7 Test

January 2 to 6

Monday: Teacher Workday
Tuesday:  Equations
Wednesday:  Equations
Thursday: Review Stations for Unit 6
Friday: Unit 6 Test