Lynn Lucas Middle School

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Welcome to 6th grade math.

Mrs. Todd is a graduate of Sam Houston University. She has taught for 12 years in Willis.
Tutoring every Tuesday from 2:45 to 3:45.  Students must have a ride at 3:45 to attend.

Recent Posts

March 27- 31

Monday:  Stem and Leaf
Tuesday:  Histograms
Wednesday:  Box Plots
Thursday:  Box Plots
Friday:  Data and Problem solving

Feb. 27 to March 3rd

Monday:  Triangle Relationships
Tuesday:  Area of Rectangles
Wednesday:  Modeling Area of Parallelograms
Thursday:  Modeling Area of Triangles
Friday:  TEST(area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, angle relationships)

February 6th to 10th

Monday:  Additive and Multiplicative Relationships
Tuesday:  Independent and Dependent Quantities
Wednesday: Tables, Equations and Graphs
Thursday: Tables, Equations and Graphs
Friday: Tables, Equations and Graphs

January 30th to February 3rd

Monday: District Common Assessment 
Tuesday: Graphing (all 4 quadrants)
Wednesday:  Graphing (all 4 quadrants)
Thursday:  Additive and Multiplicative Relationships 
Friday: Tables and Equations