Welcome Back From Winter Break

Parents and students,

      Welcome back! I hope everyone had a refreshing break! As we start the new semester there are few old things to go over, as well as new things that will be happening in Science class. First please keep track of your Parent portal. This will allow you to stay up to date on your student’s grades in class. Remind your student to complete all work on time, after 1 day late and 20 points off, I will not accept their work. Most all copies of notes and videos are posted in Google classroom, as well as their Study stack. Please have your student take 15 to 20 minutes a day to study their vocabulary; this will make a HUGE difference on their test grades.

     NEW!!! Every day!!! your student will get a STAAR Spiral Review Warm up book keep track of this if it is lost a link will be sent and you will have to get it copied. They must complete it every day for a grade! We will go over these questions as a warm up every day in class. These questions can be anything from 6th-8th grade science. Yes, they may use their journal to help.